Protective Coatings of Ohio delivers superior results to Industrial and Commercial clients with durable protection for wastewater treatment plants, concrete and steel pipe and underground municipal infrastructure.

Wastewater Treatment Plants are capital investments that require durable, long-lasting components.  We have expertise in preparing and coating holding tanks, aeration ponds and sludge channels.

Concrete Pipe has improved performance when its interior surface is coated with Polyurea. With our robotic spray applicator, we can coat pipe right on the job site and in all sizes from 18” in diameter to 180”.

Coating steel pipe accomplishes many of the same benefits and provides corrosion resistance.

Manhole Restoration and underground infrastructure the Protective Coatings of Ohio restoration process involves all steps that follow the NACE No.6/ SSPC-SP13 guidelines.

After rebuilding or restoration, Protective Coatings of Ohio applies Sherwin-Williams SherFlex or 100% Polyurea coating in a consistent thickness with our proprietary 360º robot applicator. 

Protective Coatings of Ohio uses Sherwin-Williams products for effective coating of all wastewater and marine applications. We have found these products to be superior in flexibility, durability and ease of application.

High performance Sherwin Williams Polyurea coatings are Protective Coatings of Ohio's preferred choice for commercial & industrial clients.  For down-hole applications, we use bright white for added visibility and safety. SherFlex® Elastomeric Polyurethane, a spray-applied coating/lining with excellent durability is also used.


• Proprietary application technology and proven coating formula provide superior, lasting results for clients
Protective Coatings of Ohio offers a full 10-year warranty
• Our proprietary robotic device applies Polyurea or Polyurethane Elastomer in a full 360-degree radius

 Protective Coatings of Ohio delivers advanced solutions at a very competitive price.  We are always working to find better ways—safer and more effective coating solutions. Traditional spray application is used for most projects that have a mix of open and flat areas.

Our people perform! Protective Coatings of Ohio crews are experienced in all application methods to assure clients a superior installation.  For pipe and down hole coating, our proprietary robotic applicator solves safety and quality problems with a very elegant solution.

What makes our full-circle Protective Coatings of Ohio Robot so special?

  • The only true 360° internal mix spray head in existence

  • Two separate dual-component spray systems on demand

  • Automatically coats the interior of pipe or round structures

  • Provides continuous, even application to any mil-specification


Want to see more?
Take a look at Protective Coatings of Ohio proprietary robot applicator at work in this brief video. What you’ll see is the most amazing “coating” in the world!